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This is a unique course aimed at the beginning or intermediate guitarist who wants to :

1) Learn how to play Rock, blues and Pop

2) Prepare and pass an audition

3) What gear you'll need

4) A Band Survival Guide

I've streamlined the knowledge needed to be able to get up and running ASAP!  This course doesn't teach you songs but instead teaches you families of songs.  From how to handle different styles of music, to tips for passing auditions and an overview of the basic gear you'll need.  You don't need a 400 watt Marshall Full with a $2500 Les Paul to start gigging.  In fact, all the lessons here can be applied to an acoustic guitar.

Strap in and get ready to start playing!

Practical application of theory on the guitar.  This course will give you the tools needed to understand all styles of music.  Each topic will include real world exercises to apply these principles in regular songs.


1) Major and Minor Keys

2) Intervals

3) Chord Construction

4) Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

5) Modes

6) Chord Progressions

7) Triads

8) Arpeggios

9) Inversions

10) Extended Chords