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Individual Lessons
This course exists as the course individual lessons can latch on to. These lessons are individual and do not make up a course as a whole.
Ten Hours to Being a Gigging Guitarist
Ten Hours to Being a Gigging Guitarist
In ten hours of instruction we cover the basics quickly, move through chord progressions and Music Theory and on to auditioning, gear, and managing your business! And music IS a business.


About The Ten Hour Guitarist


The Ten Hour Guitarist

Hi, Spencer here! Long time San Francisco bay area professional guitarist and music instructor. My styles of playing range along rock, blues, pop, jazz and country.
I have studied from some of the best guitarist in the bay area, including local legend Warrent Nunes and SMI founder Jim Bruno. As a music major in college I was exposed to writing for 4 Part Harmony, ear training, classical guitar, classical piano and voice classes.
Many of my students have gone on to become professional msuician, performing on stage, touring and recording. With my 10 hour classes you will learn how to take your guitar playing to the next level!